Meera Ready for Wedding Now!

“Shehzad is a family friend. My parents met his family a few times while in the US. They want me to settle soon and I’ll go with whatever their decision is regarding my future husband,” said Meera.
According to sources the actor, who recently adopted two baby deer in order to raise awareness about animal rights, is likely to get engaged to Shehzad on February 19 in Lahore. “Although I’m busy with various projects at the moment, but if our families insist, we will get engaged,” Meera said.
Meanwhile, Times of India quoted a source as saying, “Just because Meera wants to settle down doesn’t mean that she will give up acting”.  The source also added that the actor will invite her friends from India to the wedding.
This is the second big wedding in the film industry in recent months with Lollywood diva and veteran actor-turned-director Reema Khan tying the knot with US-based Pakistani cardiologist Dr Tariq Shahab on November 19, 2011. The nikah took place at a court in Virginia, during which the actor wore a green outfit designed by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. While talking to the media, Reema had advised girls to follow her example and abide by their parents’ decision concerning marriage.

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